Why Nigerian Gov Officials, Diplomats Should Ride Only Locally Assembled Vehicles


Recent news about Kojo Motors’ setting up assembly plant for Yutong Bus in Nigeria is commendable. This effort as well as that of other already existing plants will, no doubt, create thousands of jobs and add positively to Nigerian economy.

Yutong buses

Given this development, I challenge members of parliaments in states and federal level as well as politicians, Government and private companies to start looking inward than outward for purchase of vehicles and other goods. By so doing, they will keep their money within the country and add to the nation’s GDP. Any public servant and politician still importing cars into the country is number one enemy of Nigeria.

After all, Proforce can build armoured vehicles and other marvellous equipments for the country. For any other type of automobiles,  already assembling and manufacturing automobiles in Nigeria are: Innoson, Ford, Kia, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Hyundai, Nissan,Toyota and Honda, among  others.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration should lead by example, making it mandatory for all Government officials to drive vehicles made in Nigeria, including our diplomats. Charity, it is said, begins at home.

The nation’s customs officials should also stop sabotaging Government policies by taking bribes from criminals and allowing exotic imported vehicles into the country, even when the culprits pay little or no duties on them.

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