Book Review: This Day in Automotive History by Brian Corey

During the last four centuries certain key events have influenced the development of the auto industry and the way people get about. This book tells fascinating tales, bringing individual days to life with short stories, photographs and illustrations.

From the first self-powered vehicles to modern advances in technology, many topics are covered surrounding the turbulent history of the automobile.

The births and deaths of automotive innovators, the rise and fall of car companies lost to history, incredible days at the racetrack, relevant inventions, the introduction of some of the greatest cars ever built, and many more true events from around the world are described on their day in Automotive History.

Covering many makes and models from around the world, the book does not only provide a fascinating fact for every single day of the year, it features mini biographies of important racers, executives and automotive pioneers as well as automotive history covering four centuries

Readers of the book will learn about the inventions that changed the way we travel and also enjoy short stories about famous cars; little known facts about cars, trucks and SUVs and important vehicles.

Aside the foregoing, Corey’s book, which features historic and contemporary photographs and illustrations, builds a picture of how today’s automotive scene evolved and also provides an insight into the auto industry’s most important days.

About The Author

Almost since birth Brian Corey has been a car fanatic. He purchased his first vehicle at age 13, a 1949 Plymouth, which he owns to this day. Brian, a small business content strategist, studied automotive technology in high school, and journalism and history in college, giving him the tools to research all aspects of the auto industry in order to tell its stories. He has been a member of Port Gardner Vintage Auto Club since he was a teenager and continues to enjoy a number of classic cars in his personal collection.

Place of birth: Marysville, Washington • Hometown: Seattle • Nearest city: Seattle

ISBN: 9781787110687

UPC: 6-36847-01068-3

Cover Price: £19.99, $30 USA, $39 CAN




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