10 Worst Driving Habits (with Mind blowing Info-graphics)

Common sense will tell you that habits such as speeding, texting while driving and using your phone while driving are tantamount to stupidity behind the wheel. But motorists persist in indulging in these inadvisable acts.

Other habits like eating and smoking at the wheel might not seem as dangerous or reckless. But they can be sufficiently distracting to cloud a driver’s focus, which needs to be 100% for every millisecond of a car journey.

As a caution against the aforementioned dangerous driving habits, Neil Tohill, Director of Southside Motor Factors in Dublin, serves you this mindblowing infographic, detailing the 10 most annoying and dangerous driving habits, as calculated from a study by The Fuelcard Company. Enjoy it…


This infographic was produced by Neil Tohill, Director of Southside Motor Factors based in Dublin. Websitehttp://www.smf.ie/products/batterries.148.html.

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  1. Most people don’t know number 7.. lol. They don’t know that driving too slow can be disastrous.

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